Unequal Representation in Local Democracies: An Analysis of Public Opinion and Policy Outcomes in U.S. Cities
Committee: Paru Shah (chair), Tom Holbrook, Joel Rast, Kathy Dolan
Poster presented at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Society for Political Methodology.


Is It All About The Money? How Campaigns Spur Participation in State Court Elections
Justice System Journal 40(3): 221-237

Race, Place, and Descriptive Representation: What Shapes Trust Toward Local Government?
Representation 56(2): 195-213

Call and Response? Neighborhood Inequality and Political Voice
With Paru Shah and Amber Wichowsky. Forthcoming at Urban Affairs Review

An Examination of the Direct and Interactive Effects of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender on Charge Reduction
With Tina Freiburger and Danielle Romain-Dagenhardt. Forthcoming at Journal of Crime and Justice

The Effects of Race and Ethnicity on Admission, Graduation, and Recidivism in the Milwaukee County Drug Treatment Court
With Alyssa Sheeran

An Evaluation of a De-Escalation Conflict Management Training in a Behavioral Health Hospital Setting
With Tina Freiburger, Victoria Knoche, and Danielle Romain-Dagenhardt.

Reliable Sources? Correcting Misinformation in Polarized Media Environments
With Nicholas R. Davis, Taraleigh Davis, Patrick Kraft, Jason T. Neumeyer, and Shin Young Park.

Selected Work in Progress

Contextual and Individual-Level Determinants of Attitudes Toward Local Taxes
with Tom Holbrook. Revise and Resubmit.